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It’s not about us, it’s about you.

Choosing a Realtor to market your home should be based on their marketing plan and ability to be your trusted advisor. DO NOT base it on a random listing price given to you if it can’t be back up with facts.  Getting your home sold involves more than setting a price, putting up a sign and waiting for an offer!

A solid marketing plan should have the following components:

  • Marketing Management and Client Communication
  • Exposure to Agents
  • Exposure to Public
  • Secure Prospects
  • Demonstrate the Home
  • Secure an Agreement to Purchase
  • Closed Transaction

Exposure to Realtors is important as they sell 3 out of 4 homes and are often responsible for what a buyer “sees”. We will market your home effectively not just to the public but to our company and cooperating real estate agents as follows:

  • Broadcast emails to agents
  • Brochures sent to company agent emails and local agents
  • Office associate tours and agent open houses
  • Needs/wants discussions at sales meetings and weekly agent tour meetings
  • Effectively utilize agent network to match buyers and sellers
  • MLS exposure including all home date, supporting documents such as disclosures, surveys, etc, at least 30 color photos, video, etc. (most times it’s more)
  • MLS “office talk”
  • Personal agent networking

Marketing to the public is also essential.  Our marketing strategy uses techniques that compel buyers want to see your home:

  • Internet
    • Web placement and navigation are key factors in effectively
    • marketing your home
    • #1, award winning company website & personal website
    • Enhanced placement on
    • Pushed out to over 93 sites, “We Market to the World”
  • Local advertising
    • Target marketing, direct mail, just-listed cards, classified ads in
    • Local papers & home magazines.
    • Compelling ad copy (3 ad styles)
    • Optimal, quality, color photos (92% of buyers say photos matter)
  • Out of area
    • Other area ads (Chicago, Tri-City area, etc.)
    • Non-member listing in other area MLS
    • Leverage network
    • Corporate relocation referrals
  • On-site
    • Yard sign & open houses


92% of buyers say that photos are essential to their home selection criteria and statistics show that the choice of words in ad copy either encourage or discourage buyers.  We give careful attention to the details on these essentials.  Our marketing strategy compels agents to show your property through effective use of:

  • Accurate Property Data – MLS data
  • Compelling Ad Copy (Three ad styles)
  • Optimum quality and quantity of photos – 50 photos on company and personal website, 36 photos on, color photos (buyer preference), digital photography training

Once our marketing efforts draw buyers in and we have grabbed their attention, we need to get them into your home.  When they see it, we need to make sure they like what they see.  Therefore, appropriate access and optimal condition are essential. We will go through your home with you to identify items that should be repaired or improved prior to market.  We can help you stage your home to its’ best advantage so buyers can see themselves living there. We are real experts in this area ~ we know what the market considers important and what really doesn’t matter.

Part of our marketing strategy is to provide guidance regarding:

  • Showing instructions/options
  • Home evaluation and staging including tips for home
  • Improvement, hiding clutter, best investments for optimal return, etc.
  • In-Home Marketing book
  • On-going communication including showing feedback, open house feedback, monthly reviews and more.
  • Access to our preferred home improvement contractors


All the exposure in the world doesn’t matter if we can’t get buyers to make offers. In order to secure an offer, pricing is an essential component.  It’s truly just a business decision and should be based solely on what the market will allow.

Our market analysis is thorough.  We preview the competing listings to see how your home compares.  We may also call agents of sold listings to see if there were any special circumstances surrounding their sales that might have affected their price. We will show you a list of all sold, un-sold, expired and pended properties and calculate the estimated proceeds you should receive at closing.  We will also provide you with information on the current supply/demand ~ absorption rate analysis and provide you with a customized pricing and positioning strategy appropriate for current market conditions. Once the analysis is done, you will be able to make an informed decision about your listing price.

The National Association of Realtors statistics indicate that 15% of real estate transactions fall through after the contract is fully executed.  Reasons for this include inspection issues, appraisal issues, buyer financing, etc.  Our job is to oversee every detail and timeline to ensure this doesn’t happen to you. When all is said and done, the ultimate goal is to place a net equity check in your hand!  As your Trusted Advisors we will help you reach that objective.

We promise to:

  • Be truthful to you, telling you what you NEED to hear vs. WANT to hear!
  • Represent your interest, not ours, when negotiating the purchase agreement.
  • Represent your home as if it were my own.
  • Keep you informed every step of the way.
  • Work harder than anyone else to get your home sold

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