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Kalkaska MI Homes for Sale

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We have homes for sale on and around the surround lakes at Kalkaska, including lakefront homes on Log Lake and Little Log Lake, Blue Lake, Kettle Lake, North and South Selkirk Lakes, and Palmer Lake. We can also help you find real estate near Kalkaska City Airport.

You know you are in Kalkaska Michigan when you pass the giant Brook Trout Statue leaping out of the town square and because of the incredible values in Kalkaska MI homes for Sale. It was built in honor of the National Trout Festival which has been held here every April since 1933. With the Boardman, Rapid and Manistee Rivers running through the area, it’s the perfect place for such an event. Kalkaska is among the top resort destinations because of the incredibly beautiful landscape and weather for both summer and winter sports activities. Kalkaska MI is a great location for winter events as it is located in the snowbelt. People flock to the area to enjoy the snowmobiling or to attend Kalkaska Winterfest. Held in January, it features the Midwest International Sled Dog Race. I’m a big admirer of sled dogs and they always look like their having a good time whether they are first or last across the finish line.

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Kalkaska’s school system made headlines a few years back because they had to end the school year early due to lack of funds. Since that time they have been working hard to ensure that this never happens again. In Kalkaska, they intend for each student to receive the quality education they deserve whether attending Birch Street Elementary School, Cherry Street Intermediate School, Kalkaska Middle School or Kalkaska High School. Kalkaska Michigan Real Estate is on the rise again for both summer destination Cottages and lake cabins as well as full timer residences.