Lake Bellaire MI Homes for Sale


Lake Bellaire MI Homes for Sale.

Here at Lake Bellaire in Northern Michigan we have homes, cabins, cottages, and other kinds of real estate for sale. Each of the houses on the following slideshow are Lake Bellaire Waterfront homes currently for sale:

Homes aren’t your only option. We also have
Lake Bellaire empty lots and land for sale on the waterfront:

Lake Bellaire MI Homes for Sale

Please Contact Werth & Phelps of Real Estate One if you’re looking for a piece of real estate here in Lake Bellaire. We’re Northern Michigan Realtors with years of experience in the market and the area, and you’ll find us to be an invaluable resource in your home search.

Lake Bellaire, MI
Lake Bellaire is a 1,793 acre sports lake in the lower Chain of Lakes. Located to the east of Torch Lake, it lies near the Antrim County Airport and Blair Lake, which feeds into it through the Cedar River. When fishing its clear blue waters you may be tempted to try and reach in and catch them with your hands as you see them swimming by. I would suggest you stick to a fishing pole unless you are prepared to take a swim. It is another popular pass time in these waters, though. On dry land, you can head to the Grass River Nature Area and enjoy the 7.5 miles of trails open for guided or self tours. Spotting the abundant wildlife on shore is as much fun as fishing for it under its surface. Northern MI Waterfront Property including Lake Bellaire MI Homes for Sale can be viewed in a complete MLS map search or through the search results and property showcases.