Buyers Resources


Looking for a new home is both exciting and intimidating. Determining what you can afford, where you should be looking and how many of your ‘must haves’ are actually possible can leave your head spinning. As your Realtors and Buyer’s Agents, we will work with you to answer all of these questions and more.

To put yourself in the best bargaining position and to understand how much you can afford, it is always a good idea to speak to a mortgage real estate professional when starting your home search. We have many strong relationships in the community and would be happy to recommend someone to you.

We will sit down with you to discuss what it is you are looking for in a new home. Are schools important to you? Do you want to live on the water or in the woods? Are you looking in town? By defining what you need, we can put our enhance search engine to work sifting through the hundreds of listings in the area. From those listings we will set up a personalized home tour to allow you to compare the homes you are interested in.

Once you have found a home you are like, the real advantage to having a Buyer’s Agent comes into play. Before making an offer we will:

  • Discuss information to enhance your bargaining position
  • Discuss the seller’s urgency to sell and willingness to take a lower offer
  • Discuss whether the property is worth the asking price
  • Discuss negotiating strategies
  • Point out similar properties at a better price
  • Given an opinion of future marketability

Making an offer is a negotiation that continues beyond the signing of a purchase agreement. That is why it is important to have a Realtor in your corner who will set up the agreement to allow for unforeseen circumstances. Our experience works to your advantage in getting the home you want or in helping you to make the decision to walk away on a transaction that is not as good as it may have first seemed.

As your Buyers Agent we will be with you until the keys to your new home are in your hand. While we can’t make your home buying decisions for you, we can provide you with the tools and information you need to make them yourself.

We promise to:

  • Be truthful to you, telling you what you NEED to hear vs. WANT to hear!
  • Represent your interest, not ours, when negotiating the purchase agreement.
  • Keep you informed every step of the way.
  • Work harder than anyone else to get you a home you love
  • Connect you to inspectors, surveyors or contractors as need to ensure the quality of your purchase

Contact Werth & Phelps today to discuss your next home purchase at: (231) 409-5293 or use our Contact us form.